Sunday, February 1, 2009

Progress, I think.

This morning I managed to get downstairs for an hour or so to sew. I had to spend the first 20 minutes of it clearing off the sewing table and the cutting table, so not much actual sewing was done. The Pirate and I spent some time sorting buttons into these cute little bowls I picked up at the thrift store for 50 cents each. I still have a ton to go through, but it's a start.
I picked up a couple skirts to cut up into bags.

I also got a pale green linen dress that I'll cut up to use, but it wasn't exciting enough to warrant a picture.

I cut my fabric for the whirlygigs, and made one block of each fabric. I'm glad I took Made By Amanda's suggestion and included the colored one.

Then I sewed roughly a mile of blocks with no thread in the bobbin and decided it was a sign that I should come blog instead. I'm planning to try to import all my posts from the old sewing blog, so if you suddenly see a bunch of stuff dated from last year, this is why.


  1. Don't you just hate when the bobbin runs out of thread. Ugh! I like the blocks!

  2. I love the whirlygig blocks!

  3. Ha, I did that with the bobbin thread yesterday - I sewed three blocks before I realized it. :0

  4. Mercy's Maid, I do hate it and I do it ALL THE TIME.

    Gina, they are turning out nicely.

    Amanda, I did way more than three blocks. I really want one of those sidewinder things.

  5. I cut the buttons off the clothes I buy from Goodwill and rummage sales (for the fabric) and my sons always help me put them in our button jar. I showed my 5 yr. old this post and he was awed by your buttons! So now he wants to make ours look like that, but we have about 3 dozen and they are mostly white. He is going to be disappointed! LOL!

  6. Why does the bobbin thread always run out in the middle of the most tricky or exasperating part of the whole project? It took me years to figure out to always put in a full bobbin before putting in a zipper or setting in sleeves. I'm a slow learner :)

    Love that design.