Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello? Is this thing on?

Sorry to be mia lately! It's been a busy couple of months at my house- if you haven't heard the news my family will be growing by one later this summer and it's hit me HARD.   I'm fast approaching the second trimester though and am hoping to pull out of it soon. I don't have my wits together for a well thought out post today, but have been pondering a few things.

  • I'm hoping to really bump up promotion and production for the shop before the baby arrives. I'm hoping to turn it into a real source of income in the next year.
  • To that end, I've been making list upon list of ideas of new products and refined designs. I can't WAIT to get a chance to try some out!
  • I've been thinking that I really need a second sewing machine to leave in the main living area. My shop is in the basement and is set up pretty well for ironing and such, but sometimes, like for banners, I just need to be able to do a straight stitch, no ironing for long stretches. It would be GREAT to be around the family for this. I have three choices, tell me which you'd do: (And sorry, can't make blogger make this a real outline)
  • Choice 1: buy a second machine. Something very inexpensive, we're talking less than $100.  And new. I do not want the iffy-ness of an ebay machine. Pro: will work out of the box. Con: would cost me money.
  • Choice 2: I actually HAVE a second machine. It's fairly old (but I'm not sure how old.) It's my grandmothers old machine- an Elna Air Electric. It intimidates the hell out of me. I do have the manual so in theory I can figure it out, but it needs a tune up AND it's missing it's power cord. Pro: I already own it, sentimental value. Cons: would have to buy a cord and figure out an alien machine. Also, it is VERY HEAVY.
  • Choice 3: Suck it up and sew in the basement.
I am hoping to start blogging more over here in the coming months. I'd love to do a weekly round up of fun projects or Etsy finds, and I'm going to start blogging about shop items again. In the meantime, keep me in your reader, because I will be back!