Friday, October 9, 2009

Weekly Craft Roundup for October 9

I completed another block for the bee inspired quilt group this week. This one was due in September, oops, but time just got away from me. This one is a disappearing nine-patch (Hi, Trish!) so it went together really fast. My feelings are mixed on the fabric itself, while I do like bold prints, this was really loud.
There is a second block as well, but there is a slight error in it.

Look at this great craft- so pretty and done with Sharpies!

Every time Lisa posts about her napkins I want to whip some out myself. I mean, how pretty are those?
In shop news, nothing new posted this week. I was a busy bee though, making up and sending out another tailgating banner (War Eagle baby!) and finishing up a nice sized batch of notepads.
The round up is a little thin this week- I kept forgetting to save links!
What fun crafty thing did you do or discover this week? Any great new Etsy finds?


  1. Yup, thought I recognized that pattern! :) If I can't make my flight today I'm definitely going to work on that dang quilt this weekend. I picked up a walking foot but that thing is even more intimidating than just a regular foot!

  2. *Pretty quilt block, but it is bright.
    *One cannot have too many cloth napkins. (Those shown are wonderful.)
    *My etsy password is at home, and I keep forgetting to have my husband get it for me. Meaning, I haven't gone to look because I might find something I really want to buy.
    *Does making a huge mess count as being crafty? I didn't think so. Sigh.

    To Trish - now that I have gotten used to a using a walking foot, I don't like using a regular one. Just practice a little bit. :)