Thursday, October 1, 2009

New Feature: Weekly handmade roundup

On my personal blog I do a Random Friday post where I put all the links and notes from the previous week that I want to share. I thought it was about time to start that here. I plan to limit it to crafty things, pretty handmade things, and cool Etsy items, as well as personal sewing notes. I can't quite decide what to call it, but I plan to post it on Thursday or Friday of each week. Any suggestions?

Here we go!

Does anyone have a source of bulk zippers? By bulk I mean dozens, not hundreds.

How stunning is this quilt? I'd so love to make something like this for my bed.

This is a smart idea- make one cool t-shirt out of two clearance ones.

Oh, I want this ring!

I absolutely LOVE how this person keeps her journal. I wish I were half that artistic and creative. Even so, I am half tempted to try it next year.

Personally, the sewing I did this week was in the form of a banner that I sold in the shop. I had a bit of problem with a yellow mark transferring from my ironing board to the banner and had to basically start over, so this one has a LOT of extra time into it. I'm itching to make a few more backpacks though, as I sold TWO of them this week! Slowly but surely...

What fun, pretty, crafty or handmade goodness did you find this week? Was it something you made? What have you been wishing you had time to make?

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Actually, I'd just like to sit and sew. Anything.