Monday, July 13, 2009

Donna's Block for the Bee Inspired Group.

Donna's Block
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Lots and lots of sewing at my house this weekend, yay! Sadly, no pictures of any of it yet so you'll just have to wait. Meanwhile, I realized that I had never posted a picture of Donna's Block for our Bee inspired quilt group.

Donna wanted stars and she sent a variety of blue and gold fabrics. She's planning to do an irish chain type of quilt with stars in the open areas. It should be stunning.

I'm pretty pleased with the way this one turned out. There is one pair of points that aren't so lovely, but the rest are pretty crisp. Just goes to show, practice does make perfect!


  1. Really like this one! I got all my rows sewn yesterday--first sewing I've done in a month. BUT, my top won't be long enough. Not entirely sure what to do. :(

  2. I'm really loving the colors you have going on here!! I think it looks lovely, can't see anything wrong with it!! You're very talented :)