Friday, June 5, 2009

May's Blocks for the Bee Inspired Quilt Group

In May we had two blocks to do and I squeezed them in under the wire by doing them both on the 31st!

First was Nettie's block. Nettie wanted flying geese, which is something that intimidates me quite a bit. This made me procrastinate on starting the block, but as it turned out they were a lot easier than expected. She sent 8 different prints, all of which were super cute. I had a lot of fun trying to center the best part of each of them in the triangle. She is also apparently brilliant at math because when it was all said and done I had about a 1x4 inch scrap of the blue fabric left over!

Here is the finished block.

Then we had Deanna's block. Deanna wanted any sort of star. She requested that the chocolate brown be the star center and the cream as the background. I looked about about a hundred star patterns online and finally printed out 3 or 4 to look at closer. When it came time to make it I discovered that none of them would work since I would run out of cream or the brown wasn't big enough, or SOMETHING. There was one last one that seemed possible, but I was scared to cut and be wrong. I ended up making this slightly wonky star, which I think turned out well.

June is Donna's month and we're doing stars again. Donna sent a little more variety in fabric, so I think the math won't be so intimidating! Regardless, I won't be working on it til after our vacation.

To see everyone else's blocks, visit the flickr group here.

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