Friday, September 30, 2011

Product Development: Simple Stockings

One of the things I'd like to offer in the shop this fall is a simple stocking with little embellishment. I imagine it as an old-fashioned stocking that is elegant in it's simplicity. I came up with this light canvas stocking, with a little ruffled opening. The lining fabric has a lovely little bit of sheen to it, almost a silky feel.

I wanted the shape of the stocking to evoke an actual stocking, like you would wear. I tried to turn it in at the ankle and point the toe a bit.

The first few people I showed it to liked it.

The next few people hated it, said it was too rough, too country. Too plain.

I think it needs a little more tweaking, but over all, I do like it.  I imagine it with different colored linings, maybe a linen lining. I can also see it in a deep red corduroy with a crisp snowy white lining.

What do you think?


  1. For Christmas - the deep red or dark green or simple plaids would be beautiful.

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