Wednesday, October 6, 2010

On Hiatus

I'm sure you've all (all 5 of you) noticed a lack of posts here.  For the time being this blog is on hiatus while I enjoy my new daughter. For more reading on my crazy life, please stop by my home away from home, Books. Lists. Life.  I'll be back in this space in a couple months, promise.


  1. When you have time. Babies don't "keep".

  2. What? No girly quilt in the works, Lisa?! ;P
    Kidding of course!!!
    What Packrat says, Babies don't "keep."
    Before you know it you're a mom of teenagers. *sob*

  3. Enjoy the precious baby time - my little guy has just passed his 14th month!! Quite many of us 'bee inspired' members got babies, huh?!