Sunday, November 1, 2009

Help, please!

For Christmas I am making the Bug an I-Spy quilt. I joined an I-Spy swap so I have TONS of blocks. Each block will be 3.5 inches once sewn.

I had wanted to make it like a rainbow by pairing the ones with a red image next to a red piece of sashing,etc. Similar to this one from jarobichaux's flickr page (Only not quite as awesome as I would use solids, just ROYGBIV and B&W):

I did not want to have the solid squares as large as the I-Spy squares, was thinking maybe 1 inch sewn (1.5 inch cut).

But then I realized that it wouldn't match up if all the blocks weren't the same size. And I have SO MANY blocks it would make a HUGE quilt.

I could smoosh them all together like iris b2007 did here, but I doubt my eye for it (though the more I look at it the more I like it.)

So then I though about doing all one color sashing like this one from the Rice Family's flickr page:
Should I give up on the rainbow and do all the same color sashing? Or should I use fewer squares saving the rest for another quilt? Or do you have a third idea?


  1. I love the second choice. I'm a big fan of smooshing all of the squares together in a ispy quilt, and I have wanted to do one of those rainbow type quilts for ages, and that layout combines both of those together.
    Now, any idea how to get my son to stop wheezing so we don't have to go to a flu-infested ER?? :P

  2. Perhaps you can experiment with a combo approach. Use the idea of the color sashing, but with your original rainbow concept, lay it out on the floor, take a picture and study it. If you find that it doesn't look like your vision then smoosh them all together with the rainbow idea. Yeah, I know, I just added a few hours of work to your quilt, but you truly won't know until you lay it out a couple of ways. I do find that taking pictures helps me decide if I like a combo or not.

  3. I love the second choice, but Christy Sews has a great idea. The third picture is my least favorite. It's too "ordered" or formal or stiff or something.

  4. the second one has my vote too! I am sure it will be really gorgeous when it is finished!

  5. I like #2! DON'T DO SASHING!! (Speaking from personal experience!)


    I had a great time last week looking at I-Spy quilts on flickr. So many options and ideas!