Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Quick weekend sewing-

The Pirate has a new obsession, Star Wars. He blends pretend play about Pirates, Power Rangers, and Star Wars seamlessly into one big fight scene. (Sometimes it feels our entire life is one big pretend fight scene!) So last Sunday during naptime I raced down to the sewing room and whipped up a quick "Obi Wan Kenobi" tunic. I did most of it with the serger so the hems are finished, but not pretty. It's pretty narrow and I didn't cut it on the bias so it doesn't stretch, but the Pirate doesn't notice these flaws. He firmly believes that he IS "a Star Wars."


  1. What a good mom! :) Children love things like that - old skirts, tunics, capes, etc. When my daughter and her best friend were little they spent probably 2-3 years playing in 4 ripped up old formal dresses which cost next to nothing at a yard sale.

  2. I believe he IS the real thing!! :)

    Visiting from our Bee Inspired group!


  3. He is so cute! I love how serious he looks in the second picture.

  4. Packrat, I remember dressing up in yard sale dresses for years.

    Kritta, He firmly believes he IS the real thing. It's adorable.

    Ashley Ann, he has that serious look in a lot of pictures, I think he believes that's how you pose.

    Thanks for stopping by.